Social Media

To interact with my viewers based upon my love for blogging, I naturally gravitate towardUntitleds Instagram. The reason being that I have managed to create a profile that is recognised as a ‘themed account’ which gains more followers with the same interests as myself. I typically stick to fashion and beauty related photographs, often ones I have used in a blog post previously but then adapted it via editing apps in order to fit the colour palette on my account.

The platforms that I also have accounts for are the following:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat

Twitter is the site I go to when I need to get a message across quickly (and sharply, as the character limit isn’t too friendly). I promote my work on there frequently but also prefer to keep it light hearted and positive, nobody want’s to see your Twitter handle and recognise you as a moaning and unproductive blogger.Untitled.pngjj

Snapchat and Facebook are used to target friends and family, it’s handy to video a snippet of your latest post with the 10 second feature on Snapchat to tease your viewers into reading more, the only downfall is that this particular platform doesn’t allow others to click on links that redirect them to your blog. Facebook gets the word out much faster than I expected, yet 68% of my audience (stats from my latest upload) have come from that site. Don’t underestimate, it’s not just your nan posting about her dog.. again..

From Multiplatform Fashion Journalism, I am keen to tackle any task given to me, no matter how brutal. However, if I was able to choose a topic to deepen my knowledge on, it would be on Vlogging. I spend far too many hours sat watching YouTubers when I should be getting ready, but that’s between us.

Thank you for reading,


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